Jeff is co-founder and president of Kodiak Mountain Stone. Jeff is involved with all aspects of the business at Kodiak Mountain Stone ranging from manufacturing to retail sales. His primary focus is with sales and marketing along with managing a team spread over multiple locations in Canada and the United States.

Kodiak Mountain Stone is a literal brick and mortar business, they sell bricks and mortar. Kodiak Mountain Stone began strictly as a manufacturing company producing artificial stone veneer that they sold through a distribution network in Western Canada and the North West portion of the United States. As they grew they started selling nation wide and even shipped as far away as Guam. With a tough economic environment in the construction industry around 2009 Heggie lead the company through a pivot where they added two Canadian retail locations to their operation. The retail locations brought a lot of change and a different focus to the company. The manufacturing and distribution side of the business remained at the core but with the retail locations they also started to expand their offerings with products they didn’t produce themselves.

Jeff has built a great team at Kodiak Mountain Stone with an entrepreneurial spirit. They are constantly looking for ways to improve, expand or innovate the business and to build upon their relationships with their clients. Along with Kodiak Mountain Stone’s CFO, Dave Olsen, Jeff developed what they term their “Education Plan” at Kodiak Mountain Stone. Their Education Plan grew from the Google 20% concepts where Google allows their engineers to use 20% of their time working on their own projects. The Education Plan encourages the team at Kodiak Mountain Stone to use some of their paid time to read and study books or other material that they feel could improve their lives at work or their personal lives outside of work. Different team members will often host Education Meetings where they teach the concepts of a book they have read to the rest of the team, explaining how it could improve something for the team at work or at home.

Before Kodiak Mountain Stone Jeff worked in the financial industry with experience in personal lending, investing, small business and agricultural lending along with the duties of a bank manager. One of his favorite things working at the bank was an opportunity to work with the entrepreneurs who’s accounts he managed.

Jeff has had the opportunity to serve in many organizations ranging from the Canadian Home Builders Association – Lethbridge Region board of directors to coaching his kids sports teams.